Stephen JONES , Jr.
04-NOV-1801 - 08-OCT-1886

[142] Father: Stephen JONES , Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth TREVILIAN

Family 1 : Nancy Annie GRIFFIN
  1. +Jane JONES
  2. +Nathaniel Gold JONES
  3. +Russell JONES
  4. +Elizabeth Susan JONES
  5. +Robert LaFayette (Doc) JONES
  6. +Marshall Burus JONES
  7. +John M JONES
Family 2 : Rebecca A THOMPSON
  1. +James Andres JONES
  2. +William Lee JONES

                                              _Richard JONES , Sr._
                        _Richard JONES , Jr._|
                       | (.... - 1797)       |
                       |                     |_____________________
 _Stephen JONES , Sr.__|
| (.... - 1843) m 1788 |
|                      |                      _____________________
|                      |                     |                     
|                      |_Milderidge JONES ___|
|                                            |
|                                            |_____________________
|--Stephen JONES , Jr.
|  (1801 - 1886)
|                                             _____________________
|                                            |                     
|                       _____________________|
|                      |                     |
|                      |                     |_____________________
|                      |                                           
|_Elizabeth TREVILIAN _|
  (.... - 1821) m 1788 |
                       |                      _____________________
                       |                     |                     

[142] According to sons Marshall and Robert, Stephen and Nancy came to Shelby Co from Halifax Co, Virginia and grandparents and great-grandparents lived there. Believed they came from England. Stephen owned seven negro servants. Marshall said that Stephen and Nancy lived in a "combined log and frame". Robert said it was a "hewed log house, two story,two room below all one room above." Stephen owned in Shelby Co 200 to 319 acres for farming & moved there in 1836.Stephen is mentioned in his father's will. In the course of investigating Stephen Jones I have investigated some marriage records in Virginia, where I found a record of Stephen's marriage to Nancye in the marriage records of Mecklenberg County, just east of Halifax County. With Stephen having moved from Halifax County, Virginia according to sons Marshall and Robert, I have found some marriages of interest in that county. First, a Nathan Jones married Elizabeth Anderson April 15, 1800, William Jones married Polly Stephens, Dec 27, 1800, and Nathaniel Jones married Judith Pointer, Sept 26, 1791. I am attracted to these three marriages because of the names Nathan, Stephens, and Nathaniel since names tended as today to be passed on to siblings. Nathaniel Gold Jones, Stephen's oldest son, could have been named for either Nathan or Nathaniel Jones and Stephen could have been named after Polly Stephens who could have been his mother. In any event it seems that of the Halifax Co marriages Stephen probably was related to some if not all the Jones, if not father probably uncles or conceivably grandfather. I have also found in the marriage records a Stephen Jones marrying N. Thompson, 23 Jan 1802 and a Stephen Jones marrying Gemina Flemings, 22 May 1821. These Stephen Jones certainly are not Stephen, Jr. however, ashas now been learned, Stephen, Sr. married Gemina Flemings. In the records of Virginia heads of families I found a Stephen Jones listed in Halifax Co in 1782 and 1785 with the notation of 5 whites in the family living in one dwelling. This is probably Stephen, Sr. I have also found Stephen Jones of Halifax Co listed in the Virginia 1830 Census Index which could be either Stephen Jr or Sr.There is a Nathaniel Jones marrying Judith Pointer daughter of Samuel Pointer Sept 20, 1791 recorded in the Virginia Marriage Records, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.Family tradition says that Stephen'n father or grandfather Jones fought at Yorktown under Gen George Washington to defeat Lord Cornwallis. There is a Capt Richard Jones from Halifax County but a connection has not been made to Stephen (See addition note below).Check out VA census of 1782.From a footnote to a list of citizens of Arlington, TN in _The Holy Innocents_, "Nathaniel G. Jones, b. 8.3.1829, came with his father, Stephen Jones, from near Halifax, Virginia, to Shelby County, Tennessee. Stephen Jones received a grant for 200 acres of land (by purchase at 12 1/2 cents per acre) from the State of Tenn,m. in Shelby County, on 4/20/1846, signed by Gov. Aaron V. Brown, recorded in Reg. Office, Jackson, Tenn,. Bk. Vol. 2, Robt. Elder, R." I assume Mrs. Rodgers lookes at the primary source, since she has no other indication of sourcing for this, and she was prettythorough. This is ten years after family "legend" places him there, but perhaps he owned land elsewhere before that?Recently, Alice Sexton, Memphis, TN, a descendant of Elizabeth Susan Jones, Stephen's daughter, told me that Stephen had a brother, Richard Jones, that came to Shelby County before Stephen, then Stephen came later in 1835 after his parents had died. Is the father named Richard?, Capt Richard Jones above?Note in Ansearching News, Vol 45, No 4. that 177 acres were surveyed, November 1845, for Richard Jones joining Stephen Jones. Alice Sexton said that Richard had a son, Alexander (10/26/1846-4/30/1885). Richard and Stephen lived in the 8th Civil District of Shelby County, TN.In the 1830 Halifax Co census on Page 408, the following Jones' head of households are listed: Ambrose, Benson, James, Mary, and Stephen. On page 407, listed are: Delenny, John, Lucy, Marshall, Meads, Richard, Susan, and Washington. On 406: John and Martha. On 405: John, Mildred, and Ramy.In 1805 a petition to build a road to Ambrose Banisters mill on Aaron's Creek was signed by RichardJones, Daniel Goode and others. Reuben Jones also lived in the area.The following is copied from a letter Stephen wrote to his brother Robert in NC:Sulphur WellsShelby County, Tenn.March 5th 1869Robt JonesDear Brother,I don't know how I shall excuse myself for not writing before this; but however, Iwill write now. Myself and all of my family are all well, and I sincerely wish that youand family may be well when this reaches you.I have nothing of very great interest to write. I am getting along tolerable well. I have asufficiency to live on, but I have but one of my boys to work for me now, and he willbe free in a year or two.My oldest son (Nathaniel) will live with me this year for part of the crop. My next isRussel, he is working at carpenters trade. My next is Robert, he is Agent for theMemphis & Ohio RR, also Agent for Southern Express Company and Assistant PostMaster at Shelby Depot. My next is Marshal, he is in partnership with Robert in grocerybusiness in Shelby. My next is John, not yet (21) twenty one is with me now. I have twolittle boys by my present wife.Brother, I want you to write me, let me know how you are getting along. Let me knowwhether Uncle Ned is dead, or not. Tell your boys to write. Brother Richard and familyare all well, all of his children are married, except his youngest. None of my boys ismarried yet, and no prospect, that I know of.Nothing more at present.I remain your brother until death.Stephen Jones

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