[S1] SOURCE #1
"Four Killed, 1 Hurt, In Wreck"

[Gives details of automobile accident that killed D. T. Lewis, Nannie (Davis) Lewis, Clebert Lewis, and Hilary Cooper, and injured Marvin Lewis.]

[S2] SOURCE #2
Death Calls W. A. Lewis at Age of 79

W. A. Lewis died last week at the home of his son, D. T. Lewis, in the 15th district at the age of 79 years. He had meen (sic) a member of the Methodist church for about 40 years. Mr. Lewis had been a sufferer from paralysis for many years. He was buried Thursday at the Tucker cemetry (sic), funeral services being conducted by Rev. J. C. Crocker. He is survived by one son, D. T. Lewis of this county; and two brothers, John Lewis of Kentucky and Newt Lewis of Moore county.

[S3] SOURCE #3
Descendants of Jesse Shelton and Some Related Families: Drake, Foster, Gibson, Hamby, Keele, Martin

[S4] SOURCE #4
Past -- Present & Future Generations: Cunningham's, Damron's, Fletcher's, Jackson's, Rain's, Tucker's

[S5] SOURCE #5
Certificate #7498, File S 1977. Also D.A.R. #473771.

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