Arthur KEELE
ABT 1715 - ____

[746] Family 1 : Sarah MONNOTE
  1.  Jacob KEELE
  2.  James KEELE
  3.  John KEELE
  4. +Richard S. KEELE

[746] He was a resident of the city of London, England. He was a cabinet maker by trade. At least three sons were born to he and his wife in London - Jacob, James and John. As was customary, Jacob, the elder, was made an apprentice, and not having fulfilled his apprenticeship, he was left in London when his father and the rest of the family departed for America in 1747. They first landed in Delaware, but afterward moved to Virginia and settled in Wythe County. It is believed that he had at least eight children.

[747] [S3] SOURCE #3

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